Glass Industry

Glass is a wonderfully versatile material however working with it can occasionally present the risk of sustaining serious cuts and lacerations.

The HSE and the Glass and Glazing Federation both advise that the manual handling of glass should wherever possible be avoided as it is during this operation that over 40% of reported injuries occur.

There are many situations however where the manual handling of glass is unavoidable, these include; selecting from stock, carrying, laying on a bench for cutting and placing in a rack ready for dispatch, these are all very common tasks.

In these situations it is vital that workers are supplied with and that they wear suitable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Cutsafe’s range of Cut Resistant PPE for the Glass and Glazing Industry includes;

  • Cut resistant Sleeves
  • Cut resistant Base layers (including cut resistant tops and bottoms)
  • Cut resistant Aprons
  • Cut resistant Sweatshirts
  • Cut resistant Jackets
  • Cut resistant Trousers

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Our Cut Resistant Clothing range is made with a highly effective cut resistant resistant fabric which achieves the maximum levels of EN388:2003 protection; 4544.

  • Sheet and flat glass handlers
  • Fork lift, Crane Operators and Truck Drivers)
  • Glaziers and Window Fixers
  • Sealed Unit Makers, Toughners and Laminators
  • Leaded Light Makers
  • Glass processors
  • Bottling plants
  • Horticultural engineers, glaziers and roofers
  • Screen fitters (Vehicle and Aircraft)